6 Things to Do in London if it Snows

London isn’t always cold, but it is certainly grey or damp enough of the time that the city is well-prepared with a plethora of indoor activities, with a visit the opera on the cards alongside a stroll around the Natural History Museum depending on your preference. Or, if you are staying in Hotel Devonshire London, you might just want to spend a day luxuriating in The Devonshire’s spa.

However, snow isn’t a common occurrence in the city, so when it does happen, you won’t want to be indoors staying out of the cold, but rather doing all those well-loved snowy activities that make you feel like an excited child no matter your age. Here are the best things to do in London if we get a white Christmas this year.


Put on your warmest gloves and your most waterproof jacket (or buy some in some of the excellent shops in Paddington) and then head to a hilly area in London to do some sledging. If you chat to a member of the staff at your hotel, whether it is a Bed and Breakfast in Paddington or one of the other hotel deals in London, you will be directed to the best places to hire sledging equipment. You are guaranteed to have a good time if you go to north London’s Hampstead Heath, which has nice long but not-too-steep hills for you to sledge down, all while taking in absolutely breathtaking views of the city skyline. Another prime spot to b-line is Primrose Hill, also famous for both its incline and its view of the city. When you are tired of sledging, you could simply kick back and take a look around and absorb the beauty of the city under a blanket of snow.

Snowball fight

If you don’t think about snowball fights as soon as you hear that it is snowing outside, then you clearly have yet to experience an epic snowball war in Hyde Park. Thankfully, Hyde Park is right by Paddington so you can walk there – public transport can go a little haywire when the snow starts falling. While a snowball fight in any of London’s wondrously spacious parks would work just fine, there is nothing quite like ducking and diving through your self-built snow-fortress with 625 acres of park as your battlefield, weaving between the towering trees and historic monuments while throwing a whopping snowball with all your might! Another reason why Hyde Park is a great option for snowball fights is because the Serpentine Cafe is right there on the Serpentine Lake, so once you have fought to the snowy end, you can tuck into a delicious pizza or a piping cup of hot chocolate (marshmallows optional, but heavily encouraged), all while looking out over the icy lake.

Find a view-point 

London is truly postcard-perfect when covered in snow. So if you are finding the warm comfort of your Accommodation in Paddington London just too cosy to even consider hurling balls of snow around, then maybe you are best off finding a high view-point in the city to watch the city-turned-snowglobe with a drink in hand. Head to the Shard and visit any of their top-story restaurants and bars for a view of the river and city – these are incredible even when they aren’t coated in snow, so they are the whole package when they are. Or, you could visit Searcys at The Gherkin for 360-degree city views. There are so many indoor vantage points in the city, so make your way to any of them to enjoy the city in the snow without catching a cold.

Dine in an igloo

During the Winter, London is scattered with igloo-dining experiences, along the river and across the city. They happen regardless of whether it snows, but if it does snow, there is nowhere else in London quite so excitingly aesthetic to be. In most cases, the igloos take the form of glass domes, which all have incredible views. In the case of Coppa on the North bank, there are sweeping views of the river and a spectacular view of Tower Bridge. Now, imagine that view in the snow! Picture yourself eating delicious seasonal food within these heated domes, sipping on hot mulled wine, with twinkling fairy lights surrounding you, and the view of a white-dusted Tower Bridge. Magic.

Go for a walk  

Wrap up in a few layers and put on some strong waterproof walking shoes and make your way to any of London’s royal parks to enjoy a scenic walk through crisp white fields and crunching snow underfoot. Looking around from the middle of some of them, you would never guess you were in the middle of London rather than the snowy plateau of a mountainside. Your best options are Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Richmond Park, Bushy Park, St James’s Park, The Green Park, Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill and Greenwich Park. Those are just the royal parks, though – there are also plenty of green spaces in the city like Brockwell Park in Brixton, Victoria Park in Bethnal Green and Battersea Park.

Visit iconic architecture

London is full of the most beautiful buildings, and it can be hard to fathom just how breathtaking they are when they are covered in a layer of white snow. Buckingham Palace is a sight to behold, as is Kensington Palace. Imagine the dusting of white on the fountain statues in front of both palaces, and try to picture the sheet of white in the gardens and courtyards within. The snow also keeps cars from driving on the roads, so the whole scene is exceptionally pure and reminiscent of times gone by.

So when you see those snowflakes start to fall outside of your hotel window in Paddington, don’t fret! Instead, start plotting how best to make the most of it – these six options are a superb place to start. Whether you want to be in it or just observe it, the options are here, all that is left is to utilise them.


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