7 Essential Apps to Download Before Your London Trip

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London is one of the most exciting cities in the world, with plenty to see and do, and lots of activities sure to keep you entertained all year round. As with any new destination, the city can be tricky to navigate initially for newcomers. Thankfully, these seven essential apps will make sure you reach your travel goals in England’s capital!

1. Visit London
It isn’t often that the official app for a tourist-site is worth a download – but Visit London’s version is genuinely impressive, linking you up to weather-based recommendations for things to do that day, as well as providing lots of information you might not have discovered in stuffier guide books. It will also help you connect to many great offers and deals to make sure your visit is rich in experience without costing the earth! Consider this app your handy London-based friend who knows their way around the city, and you’ll soon get into the swing of using it to make the most of your trip.

2. Citymapper
This handy app is indispensable for visitors to London, and it is also pretty popular with the locals. One you download it, you’ll soon see why. The easy-to-use interface will help locate all you need to maximise your trip without wasting time on trying to find transport or navigating your way around the city’s more complex quarters. Compiling everything from maps to Tube, bus, rail and ferry timings, CityMapper should be your go-to for ensuring you reach everything on your itinerary!

3. Riverside London
The Riverside London app is considered an essential by many Londoners, which should tell you all you need to know about its usefulness as a visitor. The app covers everything from comprehensive ‘what’s on’ guides to information on some of the best venues in the entire city.

4. Natural History Museum app
This app is perfect for visiting one of London’s most significant museums, and will make sure you learn more about some of the essential exhibits on display during your visit. The app is constantly updated to offer the ultimate visitor experience.

5. Raise Tower Bridge
The Raise Tower Bridge app is ideal for visitors to this London landmark, helping you see a major part of the city like never before. Simply connect via your smartphone and you’ll be transported to an augmented reality vision of the bridge, with panoramic video uncovering some of the history and mysteries of one of the city’s most significant spots.

6. Santander Cycles
If you’d rather avoid using conventional public transport, why not consider using London’s bicycle rental scheme via Santander Cycles? The app allows up to six family members to use at once, making bike sharing simpler than ever before. If you only have a short distance to travel within central London, give this a go for an experience you won’t soon forget.

7. TfL Oyster app
Transport for London has its own app for keeping control of your Oyster travel cards all in one place. You can view travel history, update your allowances and check your credit without hassle, making trips of any distance a breeze.

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