A wine lovers guide to London


There is a somewhat misconception about the city of London. For starters, if you’ve never visited the English capital, it is easy for one to associate this place as just the home to the royals and a place for drinking tea (beer after hours). However, this could not be further from the truth – of course, beer and tea are a thing – but there is so much more to the London social scene that it would be almost impossible to mention all the cool things you can do in one article. One of the many things that tickle most people’s fancy is wine tasting. And yes, London has that too! In this wine lover’s guide to London, we will highlight some of the top places to enjoy wine pairing from the top luxury boutique hotels in London to some of the restaurants, bars, and wine houses in the city.

Vintners’ Hall

Our wine tasting journey starts with one of the oldest wine rooms in the city. Vintners company played a significant role in the wine trade of London in the 1400s where it all started. The wine bar is set in a historic Baroque building that boasts a classic setting. Inside you can expect to find a wine tasting room with dark mahogany furniture and a spectacular chandelier forming the centrepiece of the room and portraits of prominent society members on the wall. Today the hall is often for wine tasting, showcasing some of the best wines in the world and several events and weddings are also hosted here.

St Pancreas Champagne Bar

Located smack in the heart of St Pancreas International Station, you will find this luxurious space that is also said to be the longest champagne bar in Europe. While this may seem like a rather strange place to have a champagne bar, it often is jam-packed with travellers looking to sip on something before heading out on their long-awaited journey. The bar features floor to ceiling windows that allow you to look at trains passing by, and the elegant interior is the winner at drawing London’s sophisticated crowd.

London Silver Vaults

London Silver Vaults is one of London’s hidden gems located on Chancery Lane in Holborn. Although not for every joe in the city, if you a lover of good wine and unique settings, then this place should definitely be at the top of your bucket list. Ok, so you might not be able to get hold of your favourite vino here, but we do promise that your curiosity will be intrigued with the variety of wine accessories, jugs and drinking cups – all made of silver. If you are looking for something special to take back home with you, then this is a stop worth making. Guests staying at The Devonshire London Paddington can access Holborn via the London Underground from Lancaster Gate Station.

London Cru

London Cru was the first winery to pop-up in London back in 2013, although relatively new considering how old the city is, one should bear in mind that London does not have an ideal climate for growing grapes. This inner-city winery produces wine using imported grapes from some European countries. The award-winning wine is sold mainly at the top restaurants in the city and is open to the public for small tour groups for wine tasting. The Devonshire restaurant is one of the restaurants in the city where you can sample excellent tasting wine.

Harrods Fine Wine and Tasting Room

Harrods is an iconic landmark in London and is also one of the largest department stores in all of Europe. Visitors can enjoy a comprehensive shopping experience that mainly features all the top luxury brands. What you may not know is inside you can also expect to find a wine tasting room set in a 1920’s setting. Like with the buildings over the top lavish architecture, the interior of the wine room features shiny marble floors, opulent furniture complete with wood-panelled walls.

Visitors get a comprehensive wine experience that includes sensory table setting, wine tasting an educational video presentation of wines from across the globe. After enjoying a vino, make sure to secure a personalized bottle of wine for your collection. Top Tip: Harrods is one of the most visited places in London, you might also want to check out these top London Hotel Deals for nearby accommodation.

Gordons Wine Bar

Head to the oldest wine bar in London located between Charing Cross and Embankment station. This place is the gem of drinking holes in London. One might easily miss it as its quaint exterior, and rustic look can undoubtedly leave you thinking that you’re entering a dodgy bar. The space features a rustic setting with unpretentious decor, and the wine is the star of the show. Gordon’s wine bar dates back to 1890, and even the bottles of wine and barrels are covered in dust.

Forty Hall Vineyard

Forty Hall Vineyard is the first commercial vineyard in London. Although they have been selling London’s first homegrown sparkling wine for hundreds of years, they only opened their space to the public in 2015. The organic vineyard covers 10 acres of Land, and they rely on using commercial methods to cultivate their wine. Visitors are welcome to book the space for private events and wine tasting.

Berry Bro’s & Rudd

Another one for the combined history and wine lovers is Berry Bro’s & Rudd, which also happens to be the home of London’s oldest wine shop. The shop dated back to the 1600s and was once known as the link between the shop’s cellars to St James’s palace through a secret passage. Over the years the London passages have seized to exist. Visitors can expect to sample a vintage bottle of wine that is older than some of the most iconic attractions in the city right through to the latest local and international offerings. The shop sells more than 5000 different wines from five masters of wine and two royal warrants.

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