An Art Fan’s Essential Intro to the Queen’s Gallery

Gallery Exhibitions

The Queen’s Gallery is among London’s most impressive art venues, housing beautiful artworks in equally dazzling surroundings. Housed within Buckingham Palace, this noted space provides a window on the art world which is sure to impress both newbies and discerning art fans alike. We’ve compiled this quick guide to help you make the most of your trip…

What is the Queen’s Gallery?


The Queen’s Gallery is home to artwork from the Royal Collection – pieces which are owned by the monarch in trust for the entire nation. For this reason, they are on public display, and can be visited while you’re staying at our luxury boutique hotels in London. As there are so many items in the collection, only around 400 can be displayed at any given time. For this reason, each visit to the gallery is a little different, and the pieces visible to patrons of the Queen’s Gallery are on constant rotation.

The gallery first opened in 1962, and is located within a chapel which underwent significant damage during bombing raids in the Second World War. Following reconstruction and rebuilding, it was decided this was the perfect spot for presenting the collection. The space itself has undergone several redecoration efforts since, not only in the 20th century but as part of regeneration projects for the new millennium. It was closed for three years between 1999-2002 as a result, but reopened to coincide with the Golden Jubilee celebrations.

When can I visit the Queen’s Gallery?

The Queen’s Gallery is open to visitors for much of the year, closing only for Christmas and other seasonal events. Summer opening hours are extended for more opportunities to browse, but this is still one of the fun exhibitions to enjoy in London no matter when you stay in the city.

Major Exhibitions at the Queen’s Gallery

Given the ever-changing nature of the displays, the items available to view at the gallery are different depending when you visit throughout the year. At present the flagship exhibition (available until April 2019) focuses on diplomatic royal relations with Russia, with photographs and royal mementos viewable by the general public in a candid and suitably regal format. Yet the pieces also help to showcase the human-side of the royal family in a way few other venues could accomplish, with handwritten letters and gifts between the two nations creating a rich tapestry of living history ideal for heritage fans visiting luxury boutique hotels in London.

Events at the Queen’s Gallery

The gallery is not simply home to static showcases. In addition, the space also accommodates everything from talks to major interactive exhibitions by some of history’s true masters. For those in the mood to shop, there is a store on site which stocks both royal and artistic memorabilia. The lecture series hosts a wide array of the art world’s leading lights, creatives and critics for a chance to discover more of the stories behind the works on display.

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