Ancient Royal History within Reaching Distance of The Devonshire

Buckingham Palace

If you’re interested in learning more about ancient royal history and today’s royal family, London is definitely the place to be. The city itself is full of great historical sites for you to check out, but the best ones are often those related to the royal family itself. There are a number of royal sights and attractions in London, which means that you may need to prioritise some if you’re short on time. Here are four of the best to begin your journey of discovery…

1. Buckingham Palace

If you want to fill family days out in London with the main royal sights in the city, you won’t want to miss a visit to Buckingham Palace. It’s arguably the most iconic royal destination in London and with very good reason.

Buckingham Palace is the royal residence of the reigning British monarch and it has always been a popular tourist destination; there are even public tours held throughout the week. There’s a lot of fantastic royal history surrounding Buckingham Palace too, which means that there’s always something new to learn.

If you only have a day or two to explore the city, make sure that Buckingham Palace is on your list of things to do. Luckily, it’s only a short distance from The Devonshire Paddington .

2. Tower of London

We couldn’t mention ancient royal history without mentioning the Tower of London. Not far from The Devonshire Paddington and Paddington Court Rooms England, stands the Tower of London. It has a 900 year history and it has hosted a great deal of key historical moments ever since it was first built hundreds of years ago. The Tower of London is often listed as something good to do during family days out in London as it has something for all ages. Currently, the Tower of London houses The Crown Jewels.

 3. Kensington Palace

Ever since the 17th Century, Kensington Palace has been an official royal residence. A number of the Royal Family live at Kensington Palace, which is why it’s such a popular tourist spot for anyone interested in royal history. Kensington Palace highlights a different side of ancient royal history by providing more of an insight into everyday royal life, both then and now. It’s also a great place to enjoy some time outdoors in the palace gardens.

4. Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is the famous residence of King Henry VIII, as well as all of his six wives at one point or another. Other royals have also used Hampton Court Palace over the years. Located slightly outside of the busy city, Hampton Court Palace showcases a more rural side of royalty through the ages. It was originally opened in 1514 and has been a key part of royal history ever since.

These are just four of the main royal attractions in London but there are many others; The Royal Mews and the Horse Guards amongst them.

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