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Calling all Instagram and photography lovers! You’re in for an absolute treat when visiting London. The capital has its fill of amazing locations for top Instagram and photography. Varying from stunning and historical landmarks, bright exteriors, awe-inspiring views and much more.

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In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the most desirable locations, as well as some tips and advice to help you take the greatest photographs. The best part? The bulk of these Instagrammable spots are completely free to access, meaning you won’t need to part with your spending money to get the perfect snap.

Oxford Street

Arguably the most iconic street in the city, you won’t want to leave without capturing this stunning place in all its glory. A really good thing about trying to capture Oxford Street at its best is really easy, as it looks iconic and interesting in all lights, regardless of the time of day. Make sure you shoot a red bus, black cab and whatever decorations are adorning the street for extra photography points, too.

One big watch out when snapping away on Oxford Street is to be wary of the cars and buses zooming past – it’s a key transport route that can be super busy, and it’s easy to forget this when you’re focused on taking a photo.

Regent Street

Just around the corner from Oxford Street is another stunning strip you don’t want to miss. Regent Street is famous for its unique, beautiful ‘curve’ of buildings which is super photogenic. There are often usually union jack flag buntings along this road which help make the perfect British snap if you’re a fan of tradition, too. Speaking of the best of British, Regent Street is the home of the country’s top designer flagship stores such as Burberry, so if you’re a fashion lover, make sure you get some photos of the impressive fashion houses along there, too.

Portobello Road

Possibly one of the most Instagrammable places in the capital, this street is famous for its cute colourful houses, and for the amazing market that draws hordes of London locals and tourists. Therefore it may be no surprise that this street also gets super busy, and your photos will likely be full of ‘arms’ taking their own photos!

A good plan is to wake up super early, and enjoy a wonderfully filling and indulgent breakfast at our Bed And Breakfast Paddington at the Devonshire London (check out the menu to see what’s on offer!) and head there before the crowds do.

Tower Bridge

Arguably the most famous landmark in the city, you need to add this near the top of your must-snap list. But finding the most desirable angle can be a little tough, as it is super daunting. It might take you a while to get the perfect photo, therefore, so if you’re a serious snapper, make sure you give yourself enough time to get a photo you’re happy with.

If you’re visiting the city during the spring or summer, and it’s not too crowded, you can enjoy the view from the deck chairs, or as you tuck into the delicious goodies from the local market stalls. Or, if you’re coming to stay with us in the winter and still want to get a snap, don’t worry. It looks beautiful all year round, and there’s something extra breathtaking about it as the sun goes down, and the twinkly lights go on.

The London Eye

Another really famous London landmark, your trip to the city wouldn’t be complete without a ride, or at least a photo of this famous wheel. And just like Tower Bridge or a few of the city’s other iconic landmarks, it’s pretty much impossible to take bad photos of this striking Ferris wheel. After all, even when the sky is grey and dull it still looks impressive!

So, whether you take snaps of the pods, or from the pods whilst you’re riding, or from the close by pedestrian bridge, taking in also Westminster and the Big Ben, you are guaranteed to get great shots. Speaking of Westminster and Big Ben, take a walk across the bridge to get close-ups of the two most important buildings in London. Unfortunately, Big Ben is currently undergoing some essential maintenance, so is covered in scaffolding which is a bit disappointing, but it’s still well worth a visit.

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is a major transport junction in the centre of London’s famous West End. It was originally built to connect Regent Street with Piccadilly and has since become also a place for those obsessed with the wizarding world of Harry Potter. In fact, here they shot one of the most significant scenes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, where we see Harry, Hermione and Ron storming through London’s West End.

The area is also super famous for its bright, neon advertisements that are often regarded as rivalling New York’s Times Square in terms of awe. Therefore, it’s good to good go check it out at night for maximum impact.

However, while it’s really fun to see at night, it can be also particularly crowded, as you’d expect. So, if you do want to try and secure a really great night time shot, you’ll need to whack out your tripod, but it’s worth noting that you probably won’t have a lot of time to do so. Also, it could get very easily get knocked off by someone walking past. So if you’re a little worried about this, you can always play it a bit safer and go during the day, where it still will look fun and impressive. It really is like something out of a film.

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