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How to Plan the Perfect Day of Pampering in London

August 6, 2019

London is an amazing city, with something for everyone to do pretty much 24/7. However, this can also mean it can get a little overwhelming and hectic too. After all, it’s always super busy, noisy and fast-paced… but that’s why we love it, right?! If you’re heading to London soon and are looking for a […]

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Top Spots for Co-Working in London

July 3, 2019

Over the last several years, the number of freelancers and remote workers in London (and around the world) has skyrocketed. And – as we know – supply must meet demand, which is why from 2017-2018, the number of flexible office centres in the UK increased by 10%. It’s easy to see why these pop-up offices […]

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Top Tips for Planning a London walking Holiday

June 24, 2019

Active holidays are soaring in popularity in recent years with tourists across the globe looking to get outside and experience new destinations whilst getting some exercise. London is a great city to get those endorphins racing in, whether you want to go for some full-on adrenaline pumping action, or something a little more on the […]

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What not to miss this at BBC Proms

June 21, 2019

Hyde Park plays host to all sorts of summertime events. From art exhibit openings to pop music festivals, Hyde Park is the home to all things culture in London. The crown jewel of the Royal Parks of London and a stone’s throw from the Devonshire London Paddington, Hyde Park is a must visit for any […]

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London Sporting Events to watch out for in London

June 13, 2019

Among its many attractions, London has always been a hub for sporting. Whether you’re on the lookout for world-class football, riveting tennis or international hockey championships, London and its many stadiums have you covered from January through to December. Every year, millions of visitors attend a vast array of matches, bringing families together and friends […]

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London Hotspots for History Buffs

June 11, 2019

x`London has a history dating back two millennia, and the breadth and depth of the attractions waiting in store for guests at the Devonshire London Paddington act as examples of this richness. The city has bore witness to many usurpers, tragedies and historic events since it’s Roman establishing as Londinium in 50 AD and continues […]

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Running in London : Tips and Ideas

June 10, 2019

London is an extremely active city, with some of the world’s favourite sports starting life in the UK, and taking to the centre stage in the capital each year. From the world’s biggest lawn tennis championship coming to the south west suburb with the same name each year, Wimbledon is a must for tennis fans. […]

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