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London’s connections to the Royal Family are well-documented, with a history that dates back centuries. There have been many exhibitions over the years which have examined the lives of some of the UK’s most notorious royals, and a new exhibition at Kensington Palace is now exploring the childhood of one of the most famous monarchs of all – Queen Victoria. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what to expect from your visit…

What is Victoria: A Royal Childhood?

The life of Queen Victoria was nothing if not action-packed, and this new exhibition looks at her childhood. It is the 200th anniversary of Victoria’s birth, and the exhibit will explore the early life of a girl who discovered she was soon to become the Queen. As one of the most iconic British monarchs, much is known about Victoria’s later years, but few seem to linger on her formative years. During your stay at accommodation near Paddington, this is a rare chance to glimpse a monarch in the making.

Where can I see the exhibition?

The exhibition is a new permanent display at Kensington Palace, in the very rooms where Victoria grew up. While you visit the best luxury hotels in London, you can spend a day exploring the spaces which helped forge the independent royal and see objects connected with her youth, including a scrapbook of mementos from her German governess, which will be on display for the first time.

Victoria’s Early Life

The childhood of Queen Victoria was far from the austere image many may have of her. As a child, she was noted for her outgoing personality and vivid imagination, and she spent her youth indulged by the family and staff around her. The exhibit is, without doubt, one of the best Victorian places to visit in London, as it showcases how this easygoing approach soon gave way to a stricter system as soon as her future life as a royal began to take shape.

As the world around her became more hostile, Victoria increasingly retreated to a world of her own making. She isolated herself by creating stories and finding some respite from her training as a controlled young princess taught to be concerned primarily with public image.

The Making of a Monarch

On 20th June 1837, Victoria was told she was the Queen – and just a few hours later she held her first Privy Council meeting at Kensington Palace. Victoria was the first female head of state in more than 100 years at the time she took the throne, and the exhibit ensures this pivotal point in history will never be forgotten. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out or eager to indulge in a culturally-enriching activity before dinner at The Devonshire Restaurant, the exhibition is sure to impress.

How do I get tickets?

Tickets to the exhibition are included in admission to Kensington Palace, and there is a variety of purchasing options available at the official palace website.

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