Great Spots for Leaf Peeping this Autumn in London

Autumn in London

It doesn’t matter whether you are keen to go leaf peeping in London specifically or if you just want to spend some time outdoors whilst you are in the city, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There are a tonne of fantastic parks in London, many of which have a great deal of foliage for you to see and others with large wooded areas to explore.

Autumn in London is a beautiful time of year, as the leaves turn to orange, red and gold and the landscape changes dramatically. Regardless of whether you choose Hyde Park, Hampstead or Richmond Park you won’t be disappointed.

Hyde Park

Located in the centre of the city and not far from The Devonshire London, Hyde Park is a firm favourite of many who enjoy leaf peeping. Hyde Park boasts an impressive number of facilities including skating areas, a children’s play area, a boating lake, restaurants and horse riding tracks. However, it’s the large open spaces and vast amount of nature that sets Hyde Park apart from the rest.

Whether you’re interested in plants and trees or you just want somewhere to walk this autumn, Hyde Park is a great choice. Thanks to its central location, Hyde Park is a good place to go after enjoying a delicious lunch or afternoon tea near Paddington to walk off your indulgences. If you’re short of time, Hyde Park is well worth considering as it’s easy to get to from most areas of the city.

Richmond Park

As the largest of all of London’s Royal Parks, Richmond Park is one of the main open spaces in the city. It offers something for everyone and it’s a stark contrast to other areas in London, which makes it a popular spot for families and walkers to explore.

However, it’s Richmond Park’s great range of wildlife that attracts so many visitors every year. Here, you’ll find ancient oak trees, woodland areas and lots of foliage. If you feel like taking a break from leaf peeping, check out the large number of deer that roam the park. Though Richmond Park looks great all year round, it is definitely at its best during the autumn months.

Hampstead Heath

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of London in favour of finding somewhere to enjoy the great outdoors, spend some time in Hampstead Heath.

Hampstead Heath is only a short distance from The Devonshire London and it’s a great choice if you’re looking for somewhere to take a relaxing walk after afternoon tea near Paddington. There’s a fantastic viewpoint in Hampstead Heath, which allows you to leaf peep from a new perspective.

Though London is a city, it’s definitely not short of outdoor spaces and parks. We have listed three of the main parks in London, but there are a number of others that also offer everything a leaf peeper could want. If you’re leaf peeping this autumn in London, you’re in for a treat. All you need to do is choose a park and enjoy.

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