How to Plan the Perfect Day of Pampering in London

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London is an amazing city, with something for everyone to do pretty much 24/7. However, this can also mean it can get a little overwhelming and hectic too. After all, it’s always super busy, noisy and fast-paced… but that’s why we love it, right?!

If you’re heading to London soon and are looking for a way to relax whilst you’re there, you may be surprised to know there are loads of ways in which you can do just that. It’s not all just tube lines and queues – there are countless ways in which you can spend some quality ‘you’ time, relaxing and rejuvenating at your leisure.

And you may even be more surprised to learn it doesn’t have to cost the earth. At The Devonshire, we’ve curated the ultimate luxurious London hotel offers package so you can relax in style.

From post-summer pick-me-ups to sweeter stays, our packages offer guests the option to indulge without the effort, as they include treats such as afternoon tea in our fabulous restaurant and a handy bar tab.

We’ve put together a guide full of tips for planning your ultimate, indulgent day.

Start by booking a sophisticated and luxurious hotel

As mentioned, it will all start with the hotel in order to set the tone for your perfect pamper day in London. After all, you won’t feel quite as relaxed in a no-frills budget hotel as you would in a lavish one, would you?!

Loads of the city’s top and most popular luxury hotels, such as The Devonshire Paddington, have spas on-site or a gym so that you can book a treatment to enjoy as you saunter downstairs after a restful nights sleep – which will be bliss after a busy journey! Choose from experiences such as full-body massages, or facials to help you relax and recharge with ease.

Begin your day with a morning workout

Speaking of gyms, a quick workout as you wake up can be a really great way to kick start your day, clear your head and treat your body and mind. Or, if you prefer working out later in the day, look out for hotels that offer access throughout your stay, so you don’t have to limit yourself. Some gyms will even offer classes or instructors to help guide you if you’d like a little assistance too.

Treat yourself to a tasty meal

Another great way to indulge and to pamper yourself, especially after a great workout, is to treat yourself to something scrumptious.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing somewhere to dine in London, and you can opt for the heartiest comfort foods, to the swanky and sophisticated Michelin starred selections. There are a total of 69 Michelin starred restaurants in London which will be perfect for your pamper day. Or, if you want something in between the two, there are amazing restaurants near Paddington to spend the afternoon in, too.

Get in touch with nature

Now you’ve rested, have enjoyed a spa experience, a workout and have refuelled, another way to keep the pampering vibe going is to spend some time getting outdoors and getting back in touch with nature. It may come as a surprise that London is exceptionally green. In fact, roughly 47% of greater London consists of green spaces to get lost in!

Some of the most natural spots to explore include the Royal Parks, which consist of Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Richmond Park, Bushy Park, St James’ Park, Green Park, Regent’s Park, Greenwich Park, Brompton Cemetry and Victoria Tower Gardens. Each of them offers something truly different and tranquil to their visitors, and access to all of them is free.

The Devonshire Paddington is within mere minutes of our personal favourite option – Hyde Park – which houses amazing attractions such as the Serpentine Gallery, The Albert Memorial and Kensington Gardens.

Likewise, Kew Gardens is a great option for those wanting to relax and enjoy nature. Kew Gardens has one of the most diverse collections of living plants of any botanic garden in the world, so you’re sure to feel at peace there.

Try a relaxing, unique experience 

Or perhaps you’d like to try something a little different? There are loads of ways to relax and pamper yourself in London, from yoga and meditation classes to indulgent yet peaceful crafty classes.

Meditation and mindfulness are believed to relax and calm the brain and tackle the sources of stress while helping to improve focus, clarity and even sleep. Find your inner peace and develop positive thinking by practising meditation at some of London’s best wellness destinations, such as Re:Mind Meditation Studio, Victoria, 3Tribes Borough, and ChromaYoga.

Or for something a little more active, you could also look into one of the capital’s incredible and diverse classes to help you indulge. From mosaic workshops to tea making, ceramic introduction classes to jewellery making workshops, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Take a night off in your hotel room

After a busy day, one way to pamper yourself and relax that’s often super overlooked is to just spend some quality time alone in your hotel room. After all, if you’ve spent ages researching an amazing hotel and have managed to bag a night’s stay in the one of your dreams, why leave it?!

The best hotels in the city will cater to your needs when it comes to helping you look after yourself, so when you check-in, see what’s available. Kick back in your big comfy bed with a film or binge-watch a boxset, run a big bubble bath, and then order room service to top it all off.

At The Devonshire Paddington, we’ve designed each and every one of our rooms with your comfort, convenience and relaxation in mind. Each room is lavished with the greatest care and attention to detail. Everything you could desire is readily available without even having to look for it. From high-speed wired and wireless Internet access, telephone with voicemail, iPod docking station to a plethora of international satellite television channels, our bedrooms have it all.

Ready to relax in London? Book your stay now!

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