Meet Our Neighbours: Bars, Restaurants and Shops to Visit in Paddington

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When staying at The Devonshire Paddington, you are spoiled for choice with bars, restaurants, and shops to visit and explore. Not to mention, your accommodation near Paddington Station means you have access to several other neighbourhoods. But for now, here are the best places to explore in your own neighbourhood – there is so much that there is hardly a need to venture too far from your hotel.


Getting Paddington hotel deals refers more than just to the price you get for your room – they are regarded as the best of deals because they take into consideration the sheer number of incredible bars and restaurants there are in the area. Better yet, the bar in your hotel at The Devonshire is classy and varied, meaning that if you wanted to stay in and enjoy one of the many tipples on the menu, you would still get the feel of a great night out in London without even leaving the hotel. But if you want to explore the neighbourhood a bit, then you are in luck. Pick your poison: cocktails, beer, whiskey, or wine. Here are the best places to enjoy these types of bars in the area.


old pub london

Old Mary’s is a cocktail bar that is a two-minute walk from The Devonshire Paddington – less if you are thirsty! It sits beneath the Mitre, an 1850’s pub with original mosaic floors and etched glass, and retains a jazzy speakeasy vibe which is only enhanced by the exposed stone-walled, basement aesthetic where live jazz performances and comedy nights take place. The cocktail menu contains all the classics, as well as barrel-aged cocktails which change regularly based on supply. The bartenders know what they are doing and the bar is well-stocked, so if you want something specific which is not on the menu, nine times out of ten they will be able to whip it up for you anyway. For those less enthused by cocktails, there are many craft beers on tap.

Favourite cocktail: Filly And Foal: Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin, Marascino, Lemon, Sugar, Rhubarb Bitters, Egg White

Address: 24 Craven Terrace, Bayswater, London W2 3QH


While Old Mary’s has an impressive selection of beer, their star player is cocktails. Heist Bank, on the other hand, are champions of beer (and pizza, if you fancy some 48-hour fermented sourdough alongside your pint). Heist Bank is a specialist craft beer pub which sits on the canal in an industrial-chic venue. They pour eleven beers, with three regularly rotating guest taps, meaning you could try something different every time you are in London. They have a range of beer-inspired cocktails, too, if a pint of lager is not quite your thing. The fridge selection of beers is equally impressive and supportive of independent breweries who showcase what modern beermaking is all about.

Favourite beer: Heist Bank: the inhouse lager that is crisp, clean and refreshing. You can’t visit Heist Bank and not taste its namesake.

Address: 5 N Wharf Rd, Paddington, London W2 1LA


Salt Whisky Bar and Dining Room is a contemporary whiskey bar, Indian restaurant and shisha bar a short way from Marble Arch. They serve a selection of more than 180 whiskeys from around the world, and though it is a treat to be so spoiled for choice, it can be difficult to choose which one to order. Thankfully, the bartenders are experts in the field and if you talk them through the kinds of whiskeys you have enjoyed in the past, or just flavours you enjoy, they will likely be able to direct you to your dream-whiskey. Dark wooden tables, plush bar stools, dimmed lighting and a whiskey on the rocks… getting the picture yet?

Favourite whiskey: Taste in whiskey is so personalized – and there are over 180 of them in this particular venue. So it would be irresponsible to recommend just one. Instead, why not try out their whiskey tasting tour?

Address: 82 Seymour St, Hyde Park Estate, London W2 2JB


Cépage[s] Wine Bistro is Paddington’s go-to for French tapas, charcuterie and boutique wines. They import their wine directly from the wineries, which is remarkable considering the range they have in store. These connoisseurs of French wine will transport you to regions like Rhone and Bordeaux with just a sip – that really is all it takes to convince you of their expertise. Sit on the café/bistro-style tables outside, or at the window overlooking the passing Paddington-pedestrians, or enjoy the rustic-chic of the inside which is reminiscent of a French country house/winery.

Favourite wine: Again, it is far too bold to claim that one of the wines on their expansive list is the best. Chat to the sommeliers on hand, and talk them through the kind of wine and flavours you usually enjoy. They will sort you out.

Address: 69 Westbourne Park Rd, London W2 5QH


Arguably one of the best parts about staying in hotels near Paddington Station London is how many restaurants near Paddington there are. You have the opportunity to enjoy a vast range of different foods and cuisines, for every possible meal.


If you have opted into Bed And Breakfast Paddington when booking your hotel package, then be sure to enjoy the bountiful spread available to you from the comfort of your hotel. However, if you are looking to venture to one of your neighbours for food, then a great breakfast spot to visit is Urban Social Café. The decor nails the art-deco, colourful aesthetic while still retaining a simple, stripped-back appeal. Their coffee is also excellent.

Breakfast favourite: The Maple Syrup pancakes. Do it.

Address: 1 Westbourne Grove Terrace, London W2 5SD


There is nothing quite like brunch when travelling – it is the perfect time for all our favourite foods without having to set an alarm to make it in time for breakfast. If the word “brunch” is not synonymous with “bottomless” for you, then you have clearly been doing it all wrong. Head to Darcie & May Green on the canal in Central Paddington and enjoy the Australian fare on offer. The restaurant is on a colourful barge, which was designed by pop artist Sir Peter Blake, so even just the visual experience is worth your time. Throw in their bottomless brunch menu and you have got yourself a winning 100 minutes ahead of you.

Breakfast favourite: Their spicy Shakshouka paired with the bottomless mimosa option.

Address: Grand Union Canal, Sheldon Square, Paddington Central W2 6DS

Bar snacks and nibbles

Sometimes, you feel like a bit of a refuelling snack while travelling and without ruining the next meal, you would like a little taste of something savoury. Well, Pride of Paddington pub is a prime location for the well-made bar snack that ventures slightly further than a bag peanuts but keeps within the limits of not filling you up before your next meal. This flower-covered pub is a short walk from Paddington Station and a local hotspot. Enjoy their chicken wings, cheesy garlic bread or nachos amongst other stellar options.

Address: 1-3 Craven Rd, Paddington, London W2 3BP


If you opted for breakfast rather than brunch, then you are going to need a lunch spot. It is so lovely to be such close neighbours with Hyde Park when you are staying at The Devonshire, especially in the winter months when it transforms into the annual Winter Wonderland. So, why not head into the park to enjoy your lunch? You have a couple of great options.

roast dine london

The first is to go to the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen, which is a Benugo company spot overlooking the Serpentine with grand glass-paned window-walls and a great spread of pizzas, salads and comfort classics. It is a light-filled perch which enables you to make the most of the beautiful tree colours that Hyde Park is showing off this season. Weather permitting, you can sit on the large outdoor patio or recline on one of their deck chairs to admire the birds on the water. You could also choose to buy one of their premade lunches and head out into Hyde Park to enjoy it.

Serpentine favourite: Wood-fired BBQ pulled pork sandwich, or the grilled courgette, sun-blushed tomato and olive sourdough pizza.

Your other option is to visit Chucs Restaurant & Café in the Serpentine Gallery’s The Magazine. The Magazine is a modern architectural point of significance, the extension to the gallery designed by world-renowned Zaha Hadid. The restaurant is an Italian-focused, all-day dining experience that is perfect for lunch – especially if you are interested in visiting the Serpentine Gallery, as it is right there. This Royal Park is home to one of a few Chucs around the city.

Chucs favourite: Grilled swordfish, yellow beans and ‘nduja dressing, paired with an Aperol aperitivo!

Afternoon tea

tea in london 3

Afternoon tea in London is an institution and Paddington is just the place to experience it. Roba Bar and Restaurant is a modern British restaurant – suitable for any of your meals in Paddington – but especially wonderful for afternoon tea. They offer up a Signature Afternoon Tea with all the classic pillars of British tradition. From their selection of homemade sultana and plain scones served with strawberry jam and clotted cream to their mini pastries and bite-sized sandwich selection. It is all there. The teas to choose from include all the classics: Earl Grey Tea, Green Tea and a selection of fruity and herbal teas.

Address: Norfolk Towers, 34 Norfolk Pl, London W2 1QW

Coffee shops

Not everyone is a tea fan and that is quite alright in London, given that there are so many other options, like coffee shops, to start. Getting your caffeinated fix for the afternoon is simply achieved in Paddington. A great little coffee shop to visit is Kioskafé, which is both a bookstore and a coffee shop and is on the same road as Roba Bar and Restaurant. Sitting amidst the shelves of books is just the ambience to compliment a steaming cup of coffee brewed by the talented baristas in residence here. The black and white cover out the front gives it a quaint, charming, artisanal feel and that is exactly what you get inside. Feel free to take your own book to read in the café while enjoying the drinks on offer.

Address: 31 Norfolk Pl, Paddington, London W2 1QH


If you are neither a tea or a coffee person, or even just looking for a little break from caffeine given the nature of coffee-drinking when travelling, perhaps a juice bar is more your scene – and thankfully, Paddington has plenty of organic, fresh juice bars to enjoy. Juicing has become a phenomenon that spans London and just gets better and more diverse with every juice bar that pops up. Most noteworthy of the lot is Joe & The Juice. They offer up the kind of pick-me-up, energizing juices that make you wonder why you ever thought you needed caffeine to feel invigorated.

Address: 45 Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, London W2 4UA


When it comes to dinner in London Paddington, there are a wealth of options – you just need to decide on the style and country of origin of the food you want and you will likely be able to find the perfect spot for it. Often, the concierge at your hotel will know several spots in the area, so be sure to speak to them and ask for recommendations if you know exactly what you feel like. If you aren’t sure, here are some suggestions.

If the gastropub-style dinner suits you, then look no further than The Victoria. This is one of the best pubs in the area, with excellent food and a wide variety of drinks available. With 19th century design, intricately decorated wall-paper and food for the soul, there is not much room to go wrong no matter what you order. It has all the classics – from fish and chips to sausage and mash – but taken to the next level with excellent quality, locally sourced ingredients, dedicated kitchen teams and first-class presentation.

The Victoria favourite: You can always trust them to deliver when it comes to the pie of the day – ask what it is.

Address: 10A Strathearn Pl, Paddington, London W2 2NH

Visit Satay House if the idea of modern Malaysian cuisine appeals to you – and it should, because they have been doing it just right for almost 30 years now and it remains a beacon of good food in Paddington as well as the leading Malaysian restaurant in London at large. The meals are simple but complex in flavour, with chefs displaying their unquestionable skill through every dish that gets served.

Satay House favourite: It strikes as ludicrous to visit somewhere called Satay House and not dabble with some satay – it just does not add up. Tuck into either the Satay or Satay Sayur starters – char-grilled chicken and lamb or vegetables and tofu respectively. That iconic peanut sauce is all that will matter to you.

Address: 13 Sale Pl, Paddington, London W2 1PX


We are doing this properly, now, so a cheese course is in order. Head to Cork & Bottle for a delicious glass of dessert wine and a cheese platter of epic proportions. While you can also dine at Cork & Bottle for all your other meals, it has particularly sensational desserts and cheeses. You can pick any number between one and five of different cheeses for your platter, with a selection including smoked cheddar, black bomber, stilton, brie, manchego, morbier and many more. If you taste a dessert wine you like while visiting, you can purchase it from the wine shop and take it home (or back to The Devonshire!) with you.


Dessert - in london

Did you think it was over? Well, when eating out in Paddington, the day only ends when you have covered dessert. Laurents bakery is open until 10pm – so it is the perfect final stop for a day of perfect food. Selling some of the dreamiest sweet treats in London, you will really struggle to make a bad choice. There are large cake and tart options for those with an insatiable sweet tooth, as well as small macaroons and truffles for those just looking for a sweet nibble.

Laurents favourite: the glazed raspberry tarts

Address: 39 Craven Rd, Bayswater, London W2 3BX

If you take the more ice-cream-at-the-end-of-the-night approach to dessert, then visit Amorino ice cream shop. There are a number of these dotted around London, with a range of drool-inspiring flavours. They also serve a much-loved waffle stick – a little pot of waffles that can be served with ice cream or cream, perfect to dunk like toast soldiers into the creamy gelato goodness.

Amorino favourite: Caramello al Burro Salato

Address: 134 Edgware Rd, London W2 2DZ


Once you have had plenty to drink and eat, it is time for a little retail therapy – and Paddington is a great region for that. You are neighbouring on some of the best shopping districts in the city (and the UK at large), so get ready to shop until you drop. Or at least, until you collapse into the comfy armchairs in The Devonshire lounge for a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

Paddington Bear Shop

Other than being known as an excellent area for bars, restaurants and shops, there is no denying that a number of people know of about Paddington because of the much-loved children’s book creation by Michael Bond, Paddington Bear. On arriving at Paddington Station, this fictional little bear from darkest Peru explores the big city in which you are now. If you are travelling with kids, or just one for memorabilia and nostalgia, then head to Paddington at Paddington Station – otherwise identifiable as the Paddington Bear shop. Anything suitable to put a bear on – cushion, t-shirt, mug, you name it – has Paddington on it, and there are a number of physical bears to purchase too, in sizes ranging from keyring to full-sized teddy.

Alfie’s Antique Market

antique london shop 2

This famous antique haven in Paddington is a very well-known, large indoor market. Here, you can find the collections of more than 75 antique dealers, including silver, furniture, jewellery, paintings, ceramics, glass and vintage clothing. Every floor – and there are four of them – has a beautiful art-deco design. You can spend hours just perusing the floors, but if you are looking for something in particular, chat to the dealers and they can share their expertise to ensure you get what you are looking for. Those looking to value antique items of their own are also welcome.

Oxford Street

On the doorstep of Paddington is the shopping-lovers favourite neighbour, Oxford Street. This retail stretch is home to some of London’s most iconic flagship stores, like Selfridges, and many other department stores and retail outlets. Whether it is New Look, Zara, Topshop, Next or TK Maxx, there is something for everyone.

Regent’s Street

Intersecting Oxford Street is the iconic Regent’s Street, equally well-known for its shopping opportunities and particularly for its designer brands. Whether you are after a Barbour jacket for the Winter, a luxury Burberry scarf, some Tommy Hilfiger cologne or Calvin Klein underwear, it is all just a brisk but manageable stroll from your hotel.

Whiteleys Shopping Center

shopping mall

This shopping centre was once a department store that was open in 1845, and then became a collection of retail stores, a cinema, a gym and a bowling alley. It is now in development to ensure it is of the highest quality for shoppers like you staying in Paddington. It promises to be a beacon for shopping.

You are hopefully, by this stage, convinced of your prime positioning in Paddington and ready to start hunting down and setting alerts for Paddington hotel deals for your next visit. Not only are there several Transport for London options to get you all around the city, but there are so many places to enjoy right on your doorstep that you hardly have to leave the neighbourhood to try a little bit of everything that London has to offer.

See you soon!

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