The Best Caribbean Food in London

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As any food-lover will tell you, the city of London scores high when it comes to the top culinary destinations in the world. The contributing factor to London’s gastronomy is the diverse culture making up the core of the city. For centuries people from across the globe have been making their way to the English capital in hopes of a better life. Along with the migration, the people brought about their cultures and traditions, which included food.

More than 8 million people are living in London – mostly not London born – and it should come as no surprise of the many international restaurants that one can expect to find in the city. With several Caribbean territories forming part of the Commonwealth, this has brought an increase in British Caribbean’s in London. Their food is characterized as hearty soul-food bursting with several contrasting flavours from fruity to spicy. To get your taste of the islands, check out these top Caribbean restaurants in London.

Cotton’s Restaurant & Rhum Shack

Located in the elegant neighbourhood of Notting Hill in West London, you will find this offering of one of London’s oldest Caribbean restaurants. Their mid-ranged prices are a contrast from the high-quality food that you can expect. The menu consists of a combination of dishes from different parts of the Caribbean, and they pride themselves in using the freshest ingredients. The original Cotton restaurant is located in Camden, and both locations are situated not far from The Devonshire Paddington

Ma Petite Jamaica

Another Camden offering is this no-nonsense spot serving jerk chicken alongside some reggae music on the famous Inverness street. This is one of a few Restaurants Near Paddington where you can enjoy the authentic flavours of Jamaica without setting foot outside London. Start your culinary experience with a ‘small plate’ to share and kick-off the main course with spicy chicken served on a bed of rice and peas. To wash down your meal with something refreshing, select from one of their ice-crushed fruity cocktails.

Caribbean Kitchen

No best restaurants list in London is complete without including something from the east part of the city. Hackney and other parts of East London are competing for the spot of culinary capital of the city. And we can honestly say with places like the Caribbean Kitchen in their corner; they are certainly not far from their goal. This charming cafe makes no mistake at bringing you all the Caribbean staples. Just like home-cooked meals from any kitchen in Tobago, you can expect to find meals such as saltfish with dumplings, stew chicken and sweet potato greens as well as a delicious vegan-friendly chickpea curry. Visitors looking to experience the hype of East London restaurants can easily access the London Underground when staying at one of Hotels Near Paddington Station London.

Fish Wings and Tings

Fancy a beer from Trinidad and some of the spiciest chicken wings you’ve ever tasted? Then head to Brixton and enjoy all that this casual eatery has to offer. Some of the other fan favourites include the cod fritters, spicy prawns and the mutton curry. Keep a lookout for their daily specials which will more than likely be displayed on the blackboard. The restaurant sits on the corner of Brixton Market Village, which like many markets in London, offers visitors a fun shopping experience.

Boom Burger

Located on the famous Portobello street in Notting Hill not only will you find yourself in the heart of some of the best rom-com movie location but, you will also find the best burger joint with a Caribbean twist. While enjoying your sightseeing experience of this street lined with colourful townhouses, head to Burgerboom and tickle your taste buds with a delicious jerk chicken burger. As a guest booked at an Accommodation Near Paddington Station, you can access Portobello Street via the tube to Notting Hill Gate.


Negril is a simple, unfussy Caribbean restaurant serving the best of traditional comfort food. The setting features rustic wooden furniture and an outdoor seating area. This Brixton eatery is one of the best Caribbean restaurants in London, and popular with locals.

Cafe Caribbean

Located at one of the oldest markets in London is Cafe Caribbean in Old Spitalfields. This quaint eatery offers counter services and specializes in serving all the island favourites. One of the more popular dishes is undoubtedly the jerk chicken and tempura prawns. The cafe first opened its doors in 1993 in Covent Garden before making its way further east to the location we see it today. The recipes used have been passed down, and the owner has made it her point to showcase all the beautiful flavours of Jamaican cuisine.

Mango Room

Mango Room in Camden attracts a more sophisticated crowd looking to enjoy all the goodness of Caribbean cuisine. The restaurant stays true to original flavours; however, it’s that modern flair that they add to their dishes, separating it from its counterparts. The classic decor and the infusion of colours gives the restaurant that 1960’s reggae feel. The set menu for £28.00 per head affords you 3 courses, and menu items include a starter of plantain and sweet potato fritters, a main of coconut risotto paired with baby spinach and okra, and sticky toffee pudding with ice-cream to finish. To be centrally located close to all the action in the city while having easy access to this Camden restaurant, check out these Paddington Hotel Deals.

JRK Kitchen

This vibrant eatery in Bayswater is excellent for those looking to stay in the comfort of their home while satisfying a craving for Caribbean cuisine. The eatery offers an online order system, and food is delivered via Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Even if you are staying at a Bed and Breakfast Paddington, your food can be delivered directly to your hotel room. Some of the menu items include curry goat, oxtail, peppered steak, saltfish and fried plantain. The menu items are cheaper than most restaurants in this area.


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