Things to do near Paddington Station if you have an hour or two spare

paddington station

Paddington is one of London’s most impressive spaces, with lots to see and do no matter your interests. If you have an hour or two free in a busy schedule, here are a few activities and locations to check out during your travels…

Meet Paddington Bear

You don’t need to leave the station to start your sightseeing, with a bronze statue of Paddington Bear situated at Paddington Station. There’s lots of other things to see which centre around the Paddington Bear universe, with plenty of merchandise for sale around the station – this is ideal if you’re looking for a memento of your trip for a younger family member. This has all helped to make Paddington Station not only a busy transport hub, but a haven for literary-minded visitors to the city, too and makes a great spot for photo opportunities in London.

Browse a Garden Square

London has many green spaces, including a wide variety of parks and gardens which are perfect for exploring during your stay in the city. Paddington in particular is well known for its garden squares, many of which are within walking distance of Paddington Station and accommodation near Paddington.

Talbot Square Gardens is a petite garden with lots of benches perfect for relaxing before onward travel, and the larger Norfolk Square Gardens provides ample room for picnics, as well as a children’s play park and a statue of one of Paddington’s most famous exports, Paddington Bear.

Visit Sheldon Square

Paddington’s Sheldon Square includes an amphitheatre with cafes and restaurants, ideal for spending some time during a leisurely trip to the Devonshire Hotel London. There are regular events happening here throughout the year, including everything from sports events to film screenings and street food celebrations, as well as a lunchtime market which offers a chance to try dishes from some of the city’s finest food vendors.

Head to the Alexander Fleming Museum

Attached to Paddington’s St Mary’s Hospital, the Alexander Fleming Museum pays tribute to one of Britain’s most significant scientific minds and gives visitors the opportunity to get closer to the laboratory where Fleming worked. Restored to its original glory, the space has been transformed into a 1928 working space where Fleming discovered and developed penicillin. For the scientifically minded staying at the spa Devonshire, this is a fantastic way to find out more about the city’s pioneering past.

Go shopping at Portobello Market

Within 20 minutes of Paddington Station, you’ll find one of the major market hubs of the city, with a rich history that dates back over 150 years. There are thousands of stalls and shopping spots in the area, making this one of the best destinations for finding a few souvenirs of your trip to London. The space is particularly well known for its antique market, which sells a wide range of items encompassing everything from bric-a-brac to fine china. If you have an hour or so to spare during your trip, then this is a fantastic place to browse and enjoy a little bargain hunting.

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