Top Tips for Keeping Fit in the City

fitness in london

Holidays are rarely a time in which tourists prioritize fitness. Unless your getaway is activity or fitness orientated, many people will focus on good food, entertainment and relaxation instead of getting a sweat on. Of course, relaxing during your break can be a great way to take care of your physical and mental health, especially if your day to day life back home is somewhat draining.

With the temptation of the London nightlife, high-class cuisine and nippy public transport, the UK capital might not scream fitness-friendly. When you dig a little deeper though, you’ll find that London is a haven for the healthy. Just take a look at the thriving sports culture, vast swathes of green parks and the hidden fitness and wellbeing centers dotted throughout the city.

With the Devonshire Hotel London’s Paddington Court fitness centre just a short walk across the road, a stay with us doesn’t mean breaking your fitness routine, quite the contrary in fact. Full to the brim with physiotherapy know how, gym equipment and great spa deals, the Devonshire offers more than just a relaxing city break. With the Devonshire’s London hotel offers you will be able to enjoy staying fit and relaxed for the whole duration of your stay.

If you’re on holiday in London and want to keep in shape, we’ve compiled a list of some easy ways for you to keep fit in the city.

Fill your own minibar

Minibars can really rack up the room costs if gorged on. With the mini spirit bottles and salty, sugary snacks, you could add and lose pounds at the same time. Utilize the bar with your own refrigerated goods instead. When you book in, take a trip to the nearest supermarket and invest in healthier snacks for your room, such as fruit and yoghurt. You’ll really feel the difference by the end of the holiday.

Pack a gym outfit

gym outfit

You never know where you’ll end up during your city break. London is full to the brim with exercise opportunities, whether it be a fitness center, or a park side pull up bar. Making some space for exercise gear, however, will ensure that you’re ready for anything.

Jogging can be a great way to get to know a city

Jogging women

Jogging is not only one of the easiest ways to keep fit, but it can help you get to know the city you’re visiting. With canal side paths, nature reserves and plenty of city center attractions, a jog around the city can kill two birds with one stone. If you don’t have time in your holiday schedule to check out the South Bank, or iconic Big Ben, why not try jogging to it?

Find your nearest green spaces

green park

London is well known for seamlessly incorporating vast green spaces into its urban sprawl. With our accommodation near Paddington being just a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, you’ll be in walking – or jogging – distance from one of the most iconic royal parks in the city. Furthermore, you don’t have to travel far to find nature reserves, giving you a taste of the British countryside with just a short tube journey.

Walk wherever possible

morning walk

The city center of London is surprisingly walkable. Many of the biggest attractions are no more than 3 miles apart, and on a good day, a walk through the center could not only save you money but gift you with a new perspective of the streets and culture. Unless you’re travelling long distances, or are in a rush, walking through London could mean discovering those hidden cafes and shops. This could elevate your holiday memories and gift you with new experiences, something that wouldn’t necessarily happen if you spent your journeys on the stuffy underground.

Limit where and what you eat out

healthy food habits

Budgeting and health go hand in hand. Plan where you’re going to eat out in advance, instead of choosing the first places you see. Enjoying a cities cuisine doesn’t have to mean heaping on the calories. With London’s multicultural cuisine, you needn’t stick to the British roast dinners either. Explore the wonders of Bangladeshi meals in Shoreditch, and sample the vitamin-filled delights of the borough market street food stalls. In London, food and fitness can work to complement each other.

Swap the tube for a cycle

Santander Cycles are one of London’s cheapest public transport options. Costing less than the tube, these easy to use bikes are perfect for the ever-growing cycling superhighways and are a great way to keep in shape and see the city at the same time. With the cycling network spread throughout many of the London boroughs, cycling makes holidaying in London that little bit easier.

Keep hydrated

drinking water

This is especially important in the summer. With the underground network getting very hot indeed, the crowded streets can really have a toll on your hydration levels. Make sure you always carry a bottle of water with you and ensure that you’re getting about 8 pints a day. It’s easier said than done, especially when your schedule is full to the brim with city exploring.

Try not to snack

Whilst it’s easy to get into the routine on holiday, a lot of the UK’s snack food can be deep fried and unhealthy. Whether it be that late afternoon trip to the chippy or the Cornish fudge from the independent sweetshop, there are countless temptations lining the London streets.

Take the stairs!

If you’re travelling on the underground, why not try taking the stairs instead of the escalator. This free to use work out could even prove quicker than waiting for the lift in Covent Garden, and will certainly get the heart pumping. Remember, these little moments all add up, and you’ll feel far better for it in the long run.

Holidays are for relaxing

Don’t go overboard with the fitness routine. Remember that holidays are there to benefit your physical and mental health. Whilst staying active during your holiday is one thing, you don’t want to wear yourself out. Enjoy your holiday and keep fit when and if you can.



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