What to Pack for a Family Holiday to London in Winter

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Heading to London for a family holiday this winter season? Then you’re in for an absolute treat. Whilst the capital is really fun all year round, there’s something extra special about it when the weather turns colder, especially in the build-up to Christmas.

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If you haven’t been to the UK before, it’s a good idea to do a little research about what to expect in terms of the weather, so you can plan and pack accordingly, so you don’t end up unprepared. The climate doesn’t differ too much across the country, though it is normally a little colder as you travel further north, particularly up into the top of Scotland. The main thing about going to the UK is to be ready for anything. After all, the weather in the UK is notorious for being a bit fickle, and weather predictions are famously unreliable at best. So even in the summer, you can anticipate cold, gloomy days, whilst winter can sometimes bring surprising sunshine and even a little warmth.

To help you prepare, we’ve put together a mini packing guide for things to add to your suitcase, to put your mind at rest. Though if you do forget anything, here at The Devonshire Hotel we’re always happy to help. Whether it’s a spare umbrella you need or recommendations for where to purchase a waterproof coat, we’re here for you!


Naturally, the best thing to start with is clothing, as you’ll need to make sure you and your family have enough warm stuff to see you through the whole trip.

  • Coats – make sure you all have a thick, warm coat with you. Although London won’t be as cold as a lot of other European cities, particularly in eastern or northern Europe, it’s still likely to get very cold. Make sure you all take plenty of thick jumpers to wear under your coats too.
  • Waterproofs – likewise, London and the rest of the UK is famous for its rainfall (despite having less rain annually than other European cities such as France!) so it’s a really good idea to invest in some top quality waterproof outerwear. Something with a hood will work really well too, to keep your heads dry.
  • Comfortable, waterproof shoes – on that note, it’s a really good idea to bring some waterproof shoes that you and your family will be happy to walk around in all day, as there are lots of great walking ops in the city. Especially for the little ones – as no one wants to hear them grumbling all day about cold feet! – invest in some wellington boots they’ll be happy to splash around in. Some sights and restaurants in London will have strict dress codes, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when heading somewhere fancy in things like walking boots or wellies. Though at our fabulous Restaurants Near Paddington, everyone is welcome! The restaurant at the Park Grand Paddington Court, just across the street, serves delicious, freshly prepared breakfasts for guests of The Devonshire, and its lounge menu is just the thing for light lunches or dinner before drinks in the bar. Check out the tasty menus on offer, now!
  • Thermals – investing in thick, warm thermals will feel like a lifesaver on those super cold London evenings and will ensure you can stay out all night without feeling too much of a chill. Purchase some vests too for the little ones to wear under their thick jumpers, too.


  • Scarves, hats and gloves – as well as thick coats, jumpers and trousers, you’ll want to make sure the whole clan is kitted out with woolly scarves, hats and gloves as this will make you loads warmer. Extra bonus points if your accessories are waterproof! Make sure you all bring lots of thick socks too, as this will be vital in helping to keep your family’s feet warm in the cold weather.
  • Umbrellas – probably the most important item on the list! You’ll definitely want to bring a couple of umbrellas (the bigger the better, as well as little ones you can pop into handbags) as you never know when you’ll get caught in a rainstorm. As mentioned above, it’s also worth investing in coats that have hoods, particularly if you know you’ll be dipping in and out of sightseeing spots and won’t want to keep putting a brolly up and down. If you do forget a brolly, there are heaps of places you can buy one from in London, so don’t worry too much!
  • Rain ponchos – if you want to go FULL tourist, you absolutely can’t go wrong with getting the whole family a rain poncho! You’ll fit right in on things like sightseeing buses and boat tours wearing a rain poncho, so don’t worry about standing out from the crowd.
  • Waterproof device covers/bags – another thing you’ll be really glad that you packed when you’re heading off for a day of sightseeing in the rain is waterproof bags for things like phones, cameras, iPads and laptops. This is a great way to ensure you won’t damage your precious goods whilst you’re out and about, and they always come in useful for future trips, too! Also, check that your device insurance covers water damage. We would also advise you travel with a power pack to keep everything charged when you’re out and about, and a set of decent headphones can be a lifesaver if you want to watch a movie or listen to a bit of music.
  • Waterproof maps – if you like keeping things old school in terms of touring the city, have a look into waterproof map options, which are obviously much better in bad weather than standard paper ones. This is also another great way to protect your devices from getting wet when you’re hunting for your destination, too.

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